Natural healing methods

strenghten our body Academic medicine more and more often reaches for drugs of natural medicine. Until recently, advocates of the use of natural resources in human medicine were considered to be ordinary charlatans and swindlers, and trained medics have been doing everything to discredit them and prohibit them from producing drugs. Now, even they are doing various courses and trainings on natural medicine. But before the world had come to drugs and medicine had reached present shape, the people had skills to cope with many diseases. They had the knowledge to treat diarrhea, skin allergies and disinfect wounds. In some cases, people instinctively reach for certain products, to alleviate the suffering. In addition, pharmacies now offer a lot of herbal medicines. And given the fact that we are getting more resistant to antibiotics and vaccinations, we may find that natural methods of treatment will be applied more broadly in the future. The most common is the herbal medicine. It is known that for the bloating, especially when it comes to little children, is best to prepare the brew of fennel, for the sore throat and pain in gum, the best is sage, because it is bactericidal, in the case of a common cold is best to drink tea with rose hips, which contains lots of vitamin C strengthening the immune system. Melisa, in turn, calms, and the mint helps the digestion. Another method of natural medicine treatment next to herbalism is homeopathy, which already causes more controversy among doctors than the treatment with herbs. This method assumes strengthening the human body so that it fights against the illness by itself. According to homeopaths, if a person feels any symptoms it means that the body has already begun to fight the disease and that is a good sign. Another issue in this method is the treatment with drugs . Its proponents believe in the principle of dilution of the drug at each of its consumption. The aim is to stimulate the immune system with the minimum dose, rather than suppressing it. The third principle assumes, that for every illness there is one drug. Scientists believe that homeopathy is nothing but a placebo effect, and criticize those healing with this method, urging people to completely give up drugs of modern medicine. The natural medicine also includes aromatherapy. Inhalation of different smells affect human well-being, and some essential oils can cure some ailments. If we have trouble with sinuses is best to do the inhalation of peppermint or eucalyptus. Lavender is calming, rosemary stimulates and lemon refreshes. Irydology in turn, deals with the diagnosis of human health based on the iris in the eye. Right iris is responsible for the organs from right and left for the organs from the left. There is a well known case of a person who while watching the pictures of his friend's child saw a visible dot on the iris of a child saving her live because it appeared that the girl had cancer. Finally, there is an apitherapy, which heals with bee honey and natural medicine, which treats with light, water, climate, and mineral waters.