How to strenghten our body

strenghten our body When entering a period of autumn and winter, many people are trying to quickly enhance their body, so as not to catch the infection and get seriously ill. But swallowing vitamins and supplements for several days, or using home methods to strengthen the body for a short period of time is pointless. About strengthening and toughening the body we have to remember all year round. It is said that you are what you eat and it is true. In ninety percent, human health depends on diet and lifestyle. Properly balanced, and eaten in appropriate time intervals meals allow an adult who does not actively do any sport, to maintain optimal body weight. You should eat five times a day just to feel a slight hunger. Every time we must remember, to include in a meal vegetables and fruits, which consumed regularly provide the body with vitamins it needs, so you will not need to use additional vitamin supplements.Meat and fish enrich the body with needed micro and macro elements. It is best to eliminate from the diet any fried products, and start cooking vegetables and meat using steam, which protects them from losing valuable nutrients. Salt intake should be reduced. Drinking large quantities of coffee, black tea, alcohol and carbonated beverages should also be cut down. There is no need to mention about the danger coming out of smoking. The body does not like the overheating. We know not from today that children who are from the early moments of life dressed up warmly, get sick more often than their peers. When we are hot, we usually are already sweating, and in this case on a cold day we may be affected by the wind. So let's toughen the body in a very easy way, namely, after each bath or shower in the final phase, pour the body with the stream of cold water starting from the feet and heading for the heart. In the summer, on the warm day, often walk barefoot on bare ground. Home methods on improving the resistance certainly are drinking syrup from onions, eating garlic, which has antibacterial properties, drinking water with a spoon of honey in the morning on an empty stomach. Adults can enjoy a daily drink of liqueur of any kind based on spirits or a glass of red dry wine. And let's not forget about physical activity. Half-hour, every day walk or walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator it the required minimum of effort. It is also worth considering to get seasonal vaccination.