Ayurvedic glasses - the way of eye exercise

Relaxation techniques Visual impairment are more and more common. The lifestyle, forcing the use of eyes against its purpose, contributes to the worsening of sight . Hours of staring at the monitor have a destructive impact. Can it be prevented? Modern medicine can cope with the problem either by using a corrective lens, or by performing surgery. The first and the second method have its drawbacks. First of all, the first is not eliminating the defect and the other is expensive and threatens to complications. To help the sick, Ayurveda comes unexpectedly. It is an ancient Indian system of medicine, in which were developed, among others Ayurvedic glasses. They found their way to Poland in the 90s. Since that time, they have been gaining in popularity. They are a natural way to improve vision, known for thousands of years (when they substituted in India well known today, prescription glasses). According to supporters, they have an effect on myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia and the early stages of cataracts. Ayurveda glasses are the glasses without lenses. This means that corrective glasses are not installed in the frame. They are replaced with an opaque shield, in which there are lots of small holes made. Structure resembles a colander. Because there is no glass, there is no diopter or other parameters. This means that the glasses are universal - the same type available to persons with different types and levels of visual impairment. Using Ayurvedic glasses requires getting used to it . At the beginning, looking through them is very tiring (a sign that the eyes are working!). It is therefore recommended that their use is gradually implemented, without overusing the eyes. Improvement in vision will be noticeable while wearing glasses and a moment after taking them off. But this time, if we systematically exercise, will be lengthened and can turn into a permanent correction. Noticeable effects are recorded after a few weeks (5-6). The target time to use glasses is about 3 hours a day. We wear them during daily activities, busyness at home, reading, watching television or using the computer. But you can not use them in situations where it is necessary to have a wide field of view, for example, while driving a car or other vehicle , even when working with tools such as saws, milling machines, grinders, etc. In order to understand how the Ayurvedic glasses work, you need to refer to the mechanism of vision. The eye works in a way that ray of light reflected from the observed object passes through the cornea and next lens. They have a geometry such that they focus the ray on the macula, or receptor. If, however, were deformed, they refract light in the wrong way, and the resulting image is blurred. That s what the most common eye diseases are characterised by. 1. Myopia - the light is focused before the macula. 2. Hyperopia - the light is focused after the macula. 3. Astigmatism - the cornea or lens irregularities cause the light rays intersect at various points. Traditional medicine corrects this by using appropriate lenses (contacts or spectacles), which modify the radius. In this way, they remove from the eye part of its work causing its “laziness “ . Alternative medicine tries to act in the the opposite way - it wants to restore a normal eye function by forcing it to work, and thereby strengthening it. Commonly used method is exercise (eg a PhD. Bates system). Its drawback is the requirement of sacrificing the time for systematic and regular rehabilitation, about an hour a day. Ayurvedic glasses fix the problem, because they force the eye to increased work during daily activities. The treatment does not need additional time in the busy schedule.Multihole glasses by forcing the eye to move, train its muscles, which increases the degree of accommodation. Accordingly, the essence of Ayurvedic glasses lies in the fact that, by limiting peripheral vision, they stimulate motility of the eye. They restoring normal functioning of eyes, which is impaired because of use of corrective lenses, prolonged staring at the text or computer screen and TV. Thanks to that, also blood supply improves, the effect of which is the elimination of the effect of fatigue. Ayurvedic glasses are great way to indulge your eyes after a hard day full of work, allow you to get rid of the pain and restore visual acuity.